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18th August 2014

4:06am: UPDATE: to those who still remember me
I've been officially divorced since the 22nd & just found out last Monday.

Great. I really could have used that wiggle room before school starts to change my name on all accounts & pay shit off, making utility balances $0 & minimum balances on gas & electric. What ever..............

Any of you funky bitches have anything you wanna buy? I have house full & need to continue selling. My dog's tumor has grown & is impairing his gait, so I'm fucking desperate at this point. Shit, my FB icon is Mr Haney. i sold a toilet....that should say something.

Looking for random thing (good chance i own it)? Contact me at

5th June 2007

2:25am: thats hot
Current Mood: amused

22nd December 2003

12:45am: friends only, razmo.

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